Founded in the UK in 1993, UKEAS (United Kingdom Education Advisory Service) is a pioneer and leader of international education consulting industry. It is the only multinational operation company in the industry. UKEAS service centers cover UK, mainland China, Taiwan (China), Vietnam, Philippines, Nigeria, Garner and other countries. UKEAS has a sincere, professional, and outstanding service team and a complete service standard system. With direct representative of 95% British educational institutions, UKEAS aims to provide customers professional personal & pleasant services. Twenty years of hard work, UKEAS achieves to win the only gold medal awarded by the British culture and Education Office in the election of thousands of overseas study agencies. In 2013, UKEAS was awarded "the best agency brand in Asia”, when entered China market for fifteen years. Experienced prosperity and adversity, UKEAS finally became a permanent partner with the most famous educational agencies in China to achieve a benchmarking enterprise in the international education consulting industry in China.
In 2018, UKEAS China was fully acquired by LiuCheng, and it is independent entity since then.